The Lion King movie poster
The Lion King Movie Poster
Movie Information Starring: Siddharth, Arvind Swamy, P. Ravi Shankar, Manobala, Aishwarya Rajesh, Singampuli, Robo Shankar
Music: Hans Zimmer
Director: Jon Favreau
Lyricists: Madhan Karky
Year: 2019
Language: Tamil

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Battle for Pride Rock

Singers: Hans Zimmer
Length: 11:01
Downloads: 3264
128kbps (10.3 MB) 320kbps (19.9 MB)

Elephant Graveyard

Singers: Hans Zimmer
Length: 06:38
Downloads: 1821
128kbps (6.1 MB) 320kbps (11.8 MB)

Hakuna Matata

Singers: Siddharth, Ananthu, R.S. Rakthaksh, Mukesh
Length: 04:11
Downloads: 8826
128kbps (4.0 MB) 320kbps (7.9 MB)

He Lives in You

Singers: Lebo M.
Length: 05:05
Downloads: 1519
128kbps (4.8 MB) 320kbps (9.2 MB)

Kaattukulle Raak Kaattukulle

Singers: Seth Rogen, Mukesh
Length: 01:24
Downloads: 1594
128kbps (1.3 MB) 320kbps (2.4 MB)

Kadhalaa Yen Vaanile

Singers: Siddharth, Ananthu, Mukesh, Sunitha Sarathy
Length: 03:02
Downloads: 1315
128kbps (2.8 MB) 320kbps (5.5 MB)

Lifes Not Fair

Singers: Hans Zimmer
Length: 01:43
Downloads: 1131
128kbps (1.6 MB) 320kbps (3.3 MB)


Singers: Lebo M.
Length: 01:56
Downloads: 1182
128kbps (1.8 MB) 320kbps (3.6 MB)

Naan Raja Aagapporene

Singers: Ramu, R.S. Rakthaksh, Haripriya
Length: 03:23
Downloads: 1149
128kbps (3.2 MB) 320kbps (6.5 MB)

Never Too Late

Singers: Elton John
Length: 04:09
Downloads: 936
128kbps (3.9 MB) 320kbps (7.9 MB)

Por Thodu (2019)

Singers: Mano
Length: 02:03
Downloads: 921
128kbps (2.0 MB) 320kbps (3.7 MB)

Rafikis Fireflies

Singers: Hans Zimmer
Length: 01:52
Downloads: 774
128kbps (1.8 MB) 320kbps (3.5 MB)

Reflections of Mufasa

Singers: Hans Zimmer
Length: 05:09
Downloads: 985
128kbps (4.9 MB) 320kbps (9.4 MB)


Singers: Hans Zimmer
Length: 03:09
Downloads: 1096
128kbps (2.9 MB) 320kbps (5.6 MB)

Scar Takes The Throne

Singers: Hans Zimmer
Length: 02:50
Downloads: 830
128kbps (2.7 MB) 320kbps (5.1 MB)

Simba Is Alive

Singers: Hans Zimmer
Length: 03:38
Downloads: 1252
128kbps (3.4 MB) 320kbps (6.5 MB)


Singers: Beyonce
Length: 04:37
Downloads: 1161
128kbps (4.4 MB) 320kbps (7.9 MB)


Singers: Hans Zimmer
Length: 07:46
Downloads: 856
128kbps (7.2 MB) 320kbps (14.2 MB)

Vaazhkaiye Vattamaai Nants Ingonyama

Singers: Shakthisree Gopalan, Lebo M.
Length: 04:01
Downloads: 1375
128kbps (3.7 MB) 320kbps (7.3 MB)

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